To Begin Again

I am Cara Beaty-Coffey. I am an author and home maker in Texas, and while I was a Christian for many years, I am not one now though I still adhere to the basic tenets of the “religion” of the Christian Faith. I will never go back to churches. They do not deal with a spiritualist like me.

That being said, I’m not worthless. My life experiences are not worthless. And I understand more about the spirituality defined well within the New Testament of the Bible, I know that few people understand the King of kings Jesus Christ like I do. You can assume I’m not going to say anything else. You may go find my other blogs to understand how verily, verily (lol) I am a rather strong spiritualist.

This blog roll is for me to discuss things with myself about two books, alone. Those two books are How Should We Then Live? By Francis A. Schaeffer and Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche.

The articles will be short and linked to the two articles at the top of the blog for the books. I will use few pictures. I need to get my angst at this world system of America out of my system and this is how I’m going to do it: have a discussion with two dead men who were faithful in their own way. They make me think and I do not consider them dead. Again, go find my other website blog rolls. You figure it out if you will.

Drink water with me. Read books with me, too. And leave comments if you’d like. Try to stay brief and join the discussion. Maybe you should listen to a YouTube I did last night, so here it is:

Signing Off, it is more blessed to give than to receive

Here is @Frank_Schaeffer the day after I began this blog, and here is one of the people I can understand and get along with in this great nation conversing with Schaeffer on Twitter:

Now. Here is Frank several days ago on my primary blog:

Compassion Past the Lie otherwise titled on

Frank and I are artists. The first piece of artwork for his father’s book is from his dedication, to his son Franky Schaeffer. So now you understand two things, America: There are three of US #TribeJudahElectGentile in the United States of America, and those three ARE Cara Ann Beaty, Michael Shane Davis, and Frank Schaeffer. Yup, Female here is Alpha, Shane has literally been to hell and back and so has his wife and They represent the Great Spirit, and Frank by decree of love from his father is Omega. Here is what his father wrote:

To my son,


…….My only regret is that it has cost him two years away from his studio as a painter.

Thing 2 (Thank you Dr Seuss lol) Let me tell America something. You are going to regret your whole life if you keep the ideaology that is NOT precisely ringing true from the King of kings in the United States of America. That’s what America is for; giving the King of kings the PERFECT SOCIETY and I have already done that artwork with a Twitter Being quote, too, right here:

Now I will make a broad statement and cross post this one article on Uncovered No More. Effective on Veteran’s Day 2020, I declare all that I said but not all that I did—NULL AND VOID—from September of 2008 until November of 2020. That is because when so many people are hiding so many things from me, you can call me a liar and the truth is not in you, either. To each their own what truth is and that is why Cara Ann Beaty keeps writing on blogs. You are going to accept My Truth someday and I don’t care whether you are six feet under or not.

#GFY literally. Have a nice day.

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